One of our fine carp from the boating lake Fishing Fees 2006:
1 Rod Ticket 5.50        After 5pm 3.00
2 Rod Ticket 8.50        After 5pm 5.50

Rod hire is also available at a charge of 16.00 (20 deposit required). This includes hire of a match rod and reel, all end tackle, seat, landing net, bait and all licenses and permits.

The lakes hold a total of 24 species of fish between them with the majority of the species being found in the Boating Lake. The Boating lake also contains specimen Carp to 34.5 lbs and Catfish to 54 lbs. The species are as follows: Bream, Barbel, Carp (Mirror, Common, Crucian, Koi, Ghost and Grass), Catfish, Chub. Dace, Eels. Goldfish, Golden Orfe, Golden Rudd, Golden Tench, Gudgeon, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Ruffe, Stickelbacks, Tench and Trout.

Fishing matches catered for, please contact us for further details.

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